Top 10 Realty Apps for Buyers, Sellers, and Renters

Top 10 Realty Apps for Buyers, Sellers, and Renters

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There’s an app for everything. These days, there are multiple apps that focus on finding the right home for the right person. If you’re looking to rent or buy a home, there are apps for you! On the other hand, there are other apps that you should frequent if you’re in the selling position. Some apps are great to browse as a customer, but difficult to list your property on. Try these apps to find the one that gives you the best results.

1. Zillow

Zillow Rentals is a great app for buyers, sellers, and renters. If you’re in the market to acquire a home, search through Zillow Rentals and also find homes for sale. Zillow is also great for sellers. Even if you don’t list your house through the app, you can use the customized search to find the market price for homes exactly like yours.


This app is mostly used by agents. If you’re eager to try your hand at a for sale by owner deal, you can skip this app. If you want an agent-catered deal that’s a snap, this is the app for you. It’s extremely popular, so you have a good place to start your home hunting.

3. Redfin

Redfin is the best option for sellers looking to be connected to a huge pool of investors. This does mean competing on the open market, with properties around the world competing for space and attention. Redfin offers one of the fastest listing refreshes out there; it refreshes listings every fifteen minutes. You can tweak your listing as much as you want!


SQFT is a “for sale by owner” app that cuts out the middleman. Listing your home is free. If it doesn’t sell, you don’t pay. When your home does sell, SQFT takes as little as 1% plus a $500 fee. Since an agent can take much more, selling through SQFT can really save you some cash.

5. Trulia Real Estate

This app can be used to find homes to buy or apartments to rent. It’s more useful for a buyer than a renter. It has a simplistic search function, so you can’t screen for amenities, but it does have a lot of maps and information on the surrounding area. If your night life matters to you, or you need a good school district for the kids, Trulia lets you weigh those needs at a glance.

6. Apartment Finder

When you’re on a budget and want a no frills experience, head to Apartment Finder. It focuses on real time availability and makes things simple for first time renters. If you need to find an affordable place to live ASAP, start with Apartment Finder. You can search for your dream place later.


While has a lot of minor annoyances (like ads), it stands out in one way: it has a monthly payment calculator built into the app. This may not be the app you turn to when you’re finally ready to buy a home, but it’s a great way to give your dreams some context. If you think you want to buy a home in the next year, start browsing now so you know what you can afford.

8. MagicPlan

You can’t list your house for sale on MagicPlan, but it could nab you a sale. Creating a floorplan is a complicated, sometimes expensive process. MagicPlan allows you to do a walkthrough and upload pictures, and it will compile an accurate floor plan for you! This is a great option if not every room of your house is viewing-ready and you want to get a jump on getting offers.


Despite the name, is an app. (And a website, if desktops are more your thing.) focuses more on finding a long-term, permanent residence apartment. It allows for 3-D tours of the apartments before you book a viewing. The focus is frequently on the amenities that apartment housing can offer.

10. Around Me

This final app doesn’t help you sell, buy, or rent, but it does let you know where you want to move. Around Me shows you what’s literally around you. Restaurants, movie theaters, and so much more pop up around this app. It shows you data that might slip your mind when you’re trying to sell your home–like how close you are from area attractions. It’s also perfect for buyers trying to get a feel for their new neighborhood.

There are many great resources available for finding your dream home with the tap of a button. If you’re ready to move out of your place and onto life’s next challenge, start with these apps. You’ll find one that makes finding or selling a home simple.

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