Is Craigslist Worth Listing My House On?

Is Craigslist Worth Listing My House On?

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Craigslist really does it all. You can sell your old treadmill, connect with local clubs and events, and even find a job. Most people draw the line at selling their house on Craigslist, though. As strange as it sounds, Craigslist real estate is actually a great idea for certain situations. If you want to sell your home yourself for fast cash, consider using Craigslist to find a real estate investor. You could have cash in hand sooner than you think.


DIY home selling


The Internet is full of great guides these days. You could whip up a faux vintage garage door in two hours with the right tutorial. How does the do-it-yourself attitude extend to home selling, though? Honestly, it depends on the buyer. If you’re trying to sell as just you against an agent, you’re probably going to be outclassed. Agents know how to get deals. On the other hand, if you sell not to an individual or an agent but to a real estate investor, it changes everything.


Real estate investors treat your home like a business acquisition, not an auction. Where agents and individual buyers are out to bargain, haggle, and undercut, real estate investors are looking for an easy transition. Your home’s value will be assessed, and they’ll make you a reasonable offer. You can take it or leave it.


One of the biggest advantages of this DIY approach to home selling is that you can sell as-is. Renovations are one of the biggest bargaining chips that individual buys have. They’re willing to pay $X more if you renovate this or that, and you have to work out if it would be more money for you to foot the bill or to try to convince them to take the house without that improvement. Real estate investors work with what the house is at the moment, and how much the property is worth. You won’t have to retile the kitchen counter or paint the bathrooms. You can pack up, sell it, and never look back.


Fast cash


Real estate investors can also offer you faster cash. They’re in the business of buying houses, they don’t need to wait weeks for a loan. This is great for those times when you really need to sell your house as quickly as possible. Selling quickly to a real estate investor can help you get out of a bad mortgage. It can help settle disputes among heirs who all have claim to the property. It’s easier to divide cash than a house, after all.


Why Craigslist


It’s clear that selling your home quickly, for cash, and as it stands is totally possible. What does Craigslist bring to the table? There are two main features that Craigslist offers. First, it’s easy to use. Secondly, everyone else also uses it.


Craigslist is not rocket science. You don’t have to hire a professional photographer to place your ad there. You need some decent pictures, a good description, and knowledge of what your home is worth. It’s easy to access your responses. You can set up a temporary account, review every offer, and make Craigslist your base camp for selling your home.


By the same token, Craigslist is well known to real estate investors. When you don’t use an agent, you don’t get access to the insider information and inside scoops. With Craigslist, that doesn’t matter. Using Craigslist to sell your house instead of a newspaper ad, for example, is like casting your fishing line into a lake and not a birdbath. You’re going to get a lot more bites.


Craigslist is easy to use and frequented by the best buyers for people looking to sell their home quickly: real estate investors. You can easily set up your ad and receive fair offers for quick cash payments. You don’t have to haggle, you don’t have to renovate, and you don’t have to wait while a loan gets approved. Craigslist is a great place to sell your house.

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