Tips for When You Must Sell Your House Fast

Tips for When You Must Sell Your House Fast

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Must sell your house fastIf you’re stuck in “must sell house fast!!” mode it’s difficult not to panic. Most people who find themselves needing to sell their house quickly are on the verge of foreclosure. By this point it’s become clear that they’re not going to find a way to save their house. Even if they won the lottery tomorrow, the money wouldn’t clear in time to let them pay off the late payments and the outstanding amount due on their loan. With that in mind, there are three main things that you can do to make your house sell quickly.

Approach Potential Buyers

Don’t wait for the right buyer to come to you. Once you’re ready for the house to go on the market, reach out to real estate investors. These buyers are the most reliable. Many buyers who want to buy from people who must sell house fast intend to flip the property in an effort to make a profit. Real estate investors have the experience to make the process smooth for buyer and seller alike. They’ll have the funds to pay without needing pre-approval from a lender, which can take time.

A short sale is often the only way to prevent foreclosure. If you must sell your house fast follow these tips to get the best price possible. Having a clean, empty home will show buyers what they’re getting. Don’t be afraid to reach out to real estate investors. The perfect buyer for the house you must sell fast may wander in, but you don’t want to wait on those odds.


Move everything out of the house that you can. This may mean hosting a yard sale to get rid of surplus items, finding a storage shed to rent for a month or two, or moving your family out of the house entirely. When you must sell the house fast, you don’t have the luxury to wait for a buyer who imagines how nice it could be. You need to feature what it is right now. If you absolutely cannot move out just yet, cut back to the bare minimum. Get rid of all clutter, all extra furniture and items, and even get rid of things like extra pots and pans. The less cluttered the house is, the better.

Scrub It Top to Bottom

Once you’ve gotten at least your clutter out of the house it’s time to tackle cleaning. When you must sell house fast, you’re going to want to sell it “as is.” Most states don’t require that your home is anything other than “broom swept” when you leave—but a buyer may want you to do more. If a home is dirty, it gives the impression that it’s going to need a lot of work once it’s been sold. This drives down the price you can get for the house as potential buyers factor in what it will cost to get it cleaned and ready. If you must sell your house fast, clean it before hand and you skip the haggling process. Professional cleaners are the way to go if you can afford them, but if you can’t you should make up for it with elbow grease. For more on how to get your home ready for potential buyers click here.

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