Curb Appeal That Encourages Buyer Appeal

Curb Appeal That Encourages Buyer Appeal

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Curb AppealAll too often those that are intent on selling their homes put their undivided attention on the interior of the home. What they are forgetting here is that first impressions make lasting impressions. The first thing that a potential homebuyer sees is the exterior of your home as they are walking up to it for their viewing, and they are all eyes as soon as your home comes into their line of vision.

This means you really need to become curb appeal savvy if you are going to put every effort into your home selling adventure.

You need to begin by becoming your own worst critic. It is time to do a walkabout around the exterior of the home and instead of looking at all your hard work, try to pick out the flaws that may be detracting from your home. This could be anything from chipped eaves troughs to gardens that have seen better days.

A lot of times it isn’t so much as what needs repairing but more like what needs cleaning. So many of the exterior items get so weather exposed that it really makes part of the home look dull and grungy. Some elbow grease and a good exterior cleaner may be all that it takes to spruce up your exterior to entice that next home buyer that comes along to make the purchase.

Most often it is the little things that really count. Of course the potential buyers will look at major factors, perhaps before or after they have seen the inside of your home. It is those first few exterior glimpses that will remain in their minds as well when making their buying decision.

A good example, is if you have a lot of garden décor that at one time looked great, but is now in need of a face lift. Perhaps removing them all together or give them a new coat of paint will be the solution. Even if you are taking them with you when you move they make a statement during a showing.Another good example, but simple one is the numbers of the house. If they are attractive and stand out they make a good impression.

Perhaps the front door is a little worn and torn looking from an aesthetic point of view. It might be a good sturdy door, but if the paint is chipped or it has a dent or two in it, then it is going to detract away from all the great exterior features.

Also, pay attention to the windows and how they present themselves. If they are clean and shiny and your window dressings are presenting well from the outside, then this really boosts the warmth and care that you have given to the home.If there are other major flaws regarding the exterior you may want to talk your real estate agent as to what is the best approach regarding this. These are usually the more expensive type fixes and it may not increase the value of the home that much. What you can do is really focus on the simple things that need fixing so they draw the attention of the potential buyer and really make a good first impression.

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